Sunday, May 19, 2013

Springy Leopard Print

I have been really wanting to do a super bright and fun leopard print. This isn't too in your face, but it is definitely eye catching. I am still using only unused polishes, and today I decided to use some polishes from my drugstore drawer. Here it is:

Cool color combo?

The base color is Nicole BY OPI- Stand By Your Manny (Modern Family collection 2013). It is such a beautiful sparkly baby blue, but it is a pretty crappy formula. I needed three coats due to thin streakyness.

The yellow is Sinful Colors- Unicorn, and the green is Julie G- Holla-Peno. 

Any suggestions for some nail art? I plan on doing a water marble soon, and maybe galaxy nails. Might as well since I will have a lot of time!

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