Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skittles Using Mod Lacquer

I just discovered this indie brand, and haven't really heard much about it. The polishes are amazing! I got three to start off with, and now I want them all! This glitter was pretty much made for me, and I couldn't quite decide what to wear it over, so I did another rainbow (sorta).

Here are the colors I started off with:

From thumb to pinky: Wet n Wild Megalast- Candy-licious. Sinful Colors- Orange Cream (Sugar Rush 2013) This shade is pretty much the same as Orly- Cotton Candy, but it has a bunch of tiny shimmers in it! CK One- Current (Summer 2013) Not unique to my collection, but it is my goal in life to get every Jennifer Green from every brand. So far, this one is my favorite! Barry M- Mint Green, and lastly, Sally Hansen Insta Dry- Mint Sprint.

And here it is with the awesome glitter!!

Sorry for the variety of lighting. I took some yesterday as the sun was setting, and some this morning as the sun was going in and out.

But either way, you can tell how amazing this glitter is! This is easily one of my top glitters, and I have a lot of glitter. It is my top three favorite colors all into one, and the formula is amazing!

The glitter is Mod Lacquer- Technicolor Noise, such a fun name. It has all sorts of glitters in it, including squares! My favorite. There's tiny green and blue micro glitters, large and medium green and blue hexaganols, large and small pink squares, and medium red glitters! It is the perfect balance, and I don't ever want to take this manicure off.

I may wear one of the other Mod Lacquer's I got next.

You can buy Mod on Etsy. Full size for $9.50, and minis for $4.00. She also has some good deals on entire collections! I have a feeling the maker, Jennifer (awesome name) is going to get huge later this year. I don't understand why people aren't going nuts over this brand!

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