Thursday, May 16, 2013

Simple Swatch: Girly Bits

This is my first Girly Bits polish! I actually have two, but this is the first one I decided to wear. Now I understand why everyone goes nuts over this brand, and why it is always sold out!

Not the best lighting, it decided to rain today...

Girly Bits- Going Bananas

I don't normally like these glitter bomb polishes. They look like too much sometimes (like Lynderella), but this is special. I think I like it so much because, a. it is yellow and b. it is jam packed with square glitters!

I used two coats. The first was a little tricky, you definitely have to play with the glitter a little. But it allows a nice base for the second coat to glide on smoothly. It is a perfect yellow creme, with all sorts of glitters! There's large magenta squares, medium purple, magenta, and green squares. Large hexagonal green glitters, and various smaller size hexagonal glitters in purple, green, and magenta!

You can get this polish on Girly Bit's site HERE for $10.00. It is also available on Llarowe and is currently in stock for $11.00. Harlow & Co also has it in stock for $11.00 as well.

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