Sunday, May 12, 2013

Magnetic French Tips

Man it has been almost a week since the last time I posted something! The really sad part is these photos have been waiting to be edited and posted since like Thursday...

You can really see the holographic microshimmers in this blurry shot!

The magnetic polish I used is OPI- Is That Silva?. I believe there were three magnetics that were part of the James Bond collection, but I could never find them. I got lucky and found it on sale for really cheap at a Pure Beauty that was going out of business! I used two coats. The holographic glitters in it is what makes it really special! I still don't understand why the Magnetic trend wasn't as big as a hit as crackles, and now, textures.

The color I used on the tips is A England- Tristam (The Mythicals Collection). Another polish I have sadly not used until now. I chose this for the tips because I think the scattered holo compliments the holo glitters in the base color. Plus these A England polishes are the best one coater polishes!

I will for sure have another AWESOME post tomorrow since I am so behind...

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