Friday, April 26, 2013

Subtle Jelly Sandwich

I am finally using my second jelly I got recently from the OPI New York Ballet Collection. HERE is the first one I did.

I will start off with pictures of the base colors I used:

I am lovin these super girly nails. The pinkish purple base is Nubar- Isis Purple (Cleopatra 2009). I used two coats. Then I topped it off with one coat of Lush Lacquer- Mr. Bubble. Probably one of my favorites from Lush Lacquer.

And here it is with the jelly on top:


 It looks super shiny in the shade!!

As you can see, it is very subtle.

I used one fairly thick coat of OPI- Care to Danse? (New York Ballet Collection 2012). It gives it just a little more oomph I suppose,, I love it. Go get it at your local ULTA! It is permanent.

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