Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Swatch: Hare Polish + China Glaze

Today should actually be my Polish Days manicure, but I wasn't inspired by the theme...So, instead I did some orange nails! I really don't have much orange, but it was surprisingly hard to pick a color! I finally settled on two untried polishes, which is always a good thing:



The quality of my pictures are a little different. My boyfriend has my good camera >:(

Hare Polish- Electric Flame over China Glaze- Breakin' (Kicks Collection 2009)

Electric Flame is a fairly sheer polish, so I took the chance to layer it. I started off with two coats of Breakin' and could not stand the color on me. Really bright oranges make my skin tone look really weird. 

Luckily, Electric Flame is a little lighter, and after I applied two coats, it made a nice bright, softer shade of orange. And the light blue iridescent glitters in it make it even more special! The formula was a little thick, but polish thinner can fix that! I also really love their new labels, but I am happy I have some of her old hand written labels :)

Hope you enjoyed these! I am going to try to do some nail art next, I promise.

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  1. Thus polish is on my wishlist and soo beautiful!
    Great mani <3