Friday, April 12, 2013

Nail Art using Floss Gloss!

I am so happy to be show casing these nails! I have been eying this brand for a while, and got these a few weeks ago. I knew I wanted to use them both together, and I hope I made my fellow baydestrain nail polish makers proud!




They even look amazing in the shade!

I don't normally wear neon colors. I have very few, and these are definitely my fav! I think I don't wear them because I have found the formulas to be kind of crappy, but these are pretty awesome!

The green is Floss Gloss- Con Limon, the perfect neon Jennifer Green shade. I have never seen a neon green like this! The orange/coraly shade is Floss Gloss- Bikini Coral

The glitter on my ring finger is OPI- Lights Of Emerald City (Oz the Great and Powerful Collection 2013). This glitter is so cool looking, but a beezy to work with. You can get a good amount of glitter on the brush 50% of the time, but it is so hard to get it on your nail evenly! Definitely not my favorite glitter...

Now for a  nice review of Floss Gloss as a whole. First off, I LOVE the bottle. They are fairly small, but the handle is nice and big so it is easy to hold and apply the polish. The gold looks fabulous, too. The formula on Con Limon was awesome. It went on evenly in 2 thin coats, and turned out just as bright as it is in the bottle, without using a white base first! Bikini Coral was nice too, but a tad bit on the thick side. It dried very matte, too, and Con Limon dried to more of a satin finish with more shine. I guess my only negative would be that they are $8.00 for only .18 fluid ounce... But the craftsmanship on the bottle makes up for that! Especially the cute nail label they have!

You can buy Floss Gloss HERE, but I think they have deals fairly often. You can also find the ladies behind the brand on the Nailgasm Documentary that pretty much everyone in the nail polish community knows about!


  1. Oh, I love those colors together!! This is gorgeous!

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