Saturday, April 20, 2013

Half Moons using Jessica Polishes

I am obsessing over half moons right now. And I am in love with Jessica as a brand! I don't have very many Jessica polishes, but two I have had for a while are easily one of my favorite greens and oranges of all time, and one of these quickly moved up onto my favorite blues of all time!

The base color is Jessica- Barely Blueberry (Gelato Mio Collection Spring 2012). The formula was okay. The first coat was super sheer and streaky, but the second coat made is perfect.

I of course added a fast dry top coat, and placed the binder paper reinforcement stickers to make the half moon shape. The darker shade I used is Jessica- Sophia (It's a Girl Thing collection Spring 2013). I went to my super nail supply store the other day, and when my eyes caught this shade, I am pretty sure my mouth dropped, and I went straight over to the Jessica display and snatched it up! I made sure to compare it to China Glaze- Secret Periwinkle, and it is definitely a different shade of periwinkle. The formula is amazing, almost a one coater, and I love the subtle shimmer in it! I think I also like this shade so much because it looks a lot like Essie- Boxer Shorts, which I could never get my hands on. I am very impressed and definitely recommend it!

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