Monday, April 15, 2013

Jelly Sandwich using OPI

I have always loved jelly sandwiches, but don't have enough in my collection. I had been eying the shades from the New York Ballet collection for over a year now, and finally bought two of them. I think I may get the mini Oz set now...Any suggestions for good jellys?

 Weird lighting, but I thought it looked nice!

Mrs. Kittie decided to join the fun!

This is probably one of my favorite combinations I have ever done. I used to do a lot of combinations using at least 3 colors, but nail art took over that. I might start getting into that more now! I think it looks a lot like an indie polish.

The purple base color is OPI- Planks A Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean 2011). It was two easy coats. Next, I applied the glitter which is OPI- (Euro Centrale 2012), the only color from that collection I thought my collection would benefit from! Lastly, I applied one coat of the jelly which is OPI- My Pointe Exactly (New York Ballet 2012). I had no desire to get any polishes from that collection, but two of the jellies are part of the permanent collection at ULTA, and i couldn't resist in finally getting it! This one is a nice light grey, so you can layer it over a lot of different shades! I think I am going to do another one soon with the other one I got, which is a light pink. I may try to do two coats this time, too.

Hope you like these as much as I do! And feel free to let me know about some good jellies!

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