Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Austism Awareness Month

I decided to jump on the band wagon with all the other lovely nail blogging ladies, and did some blue nails for Autism Awareness Month. I guess yesterday was the official day, but I know a lot of bloggers are going to stick with blue nails the entire month! Like my girl Christine at Nails at 2am. I might try to do more blue nails, like one a week, because I really don't do blue nails that often. Here is what I came up with:



A simple ombre

The colors I used going from thumb to pinky: Color Club- Take Me To Your Chateau (Pardon My French collection 2010), China Glaze- Electric Beat (Electropop Collection 2012), China Glaze- Flyin' High (Up & Away Collection 2010), Anise- Island Lover, and Color Club- Endless Summer (Fiesta Collection 2013). 

I used two coats for each nail, all are cream finishes, except Endless Summer is a weird satin matte type finish. Definitely not my favorite type of finish, but the color is just stunning, and a top coat can make it look normal anyways! The color isn't showing up accurate, either. It looks a lot like Sally Hansen- Pacific Blue, but it is actually a lot deeper.

Lastly, I topped it off with Elevation Polish- Haba Xueshan which is from their new View From the Top Collection. I am not sure if it is limited edition, but I snatched it up quick. Mainly because the only black and white glitter I have has shiny micro glitters in it, which you can see HERE. Chalkboard nails also did it it so much justice with her swatches, I couldn't resist. What makes this polish really special is the pale blue circle glitters in it. The formula was awesome, no trouble getting glitter on my brush, although the circle glitters were kind of hard to get :(.

You can find Haba Xueshan HERE, but it is currently sold out.

Hope you enjoyed these!

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