Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tri Polish Challenge: April Day 3

A reminder of the colors I am using this month: Zoya- Zuza, Zoya- Rory, and Zoya- Myrta, all from the Surf Collection from 2012

I am calling these my stained glass window nails!

I pretty much just started with Rory (pink) and made a random shape, and moved on to the next colors. I didn't worry about making the sections super neat since I was going to go in with the striper to make it more "clean" I used Orly Instant Artist striping polish in Jet Black.

Well, I am not good at lines, even with a striper brush, so it didn't make it all that clean! I also don't like how the Y shape of the black stick out a lot. Next time I do color blocking like this, I will do more colors, or more tinier sections of color.

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