Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simple Swatch: Zoya + Jindie Nails

I went camping this past weekend and I was pretty sad face to find out it would be raining. We have been camping in the rain plenty of times, but it is just better when there is no rain, especially in the redwoods! So, I decided to paint my nails super girly and bright to cheer me up:

The super sparkly chunky textured polish is Zoya- Lux (Magical Pixiedust Collection 2014) I really like the look of this polish, but the formula is a little thick, and it chipped super fast unlike the other pixidusts. Maybe it just chipped on me so fast since I was camping. It was two coats. I am really excited for the new Magical Pixiedusts!

The polish on my middle and ring finger is Jindie Nails- Talk Nerdy To Me. LOVE this polish. This had been on my wishlist forever until my nail mail buddy got it for me. It is a slightly crelly pastel pink base, loaded with hot pink and blue microglitters, It was an easy two coats!

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