Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Swatch: Cirque

I added a little nail art to this simple swatch, very subtle:

Cirque- Queen Majesty (Arcus Collection Summer Collection 2013)

I remember this being a build-able glitter, but it would have taken me about four coats, and I wasn't trying to deal with that. Instead, I layered it over Anise- Violet Falls in Love. Then applied two coats of Queen Majesty, followed by two coats of Seche since Queen Majesty is a top coat eater. Once that dried I applied some binder paper reinforcement stickers for the half moon shape, and applied Essie- Matte About You top coat.

I got the idea from Mrslochness who did it with a darker color and hers turned out much better. I will try it with a dark color next time!

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