Friday, April 25, 2014

Pastel Skittle

I sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of polish I have, and I just can't pick what I want to wear. So, picking a bunch to wear together is usually what I do...

The chunky glitter used is Sephora Formula X- Thunder. Part of their indie-esque glitter line, and quite amazing! I got so much glitter onto the brush and it was so easy to apply! I am very impressed with these glitters!

The textured polish on my middle finger is Sally Hansen- Sour Apple (Sugar Coat Collection 2013). I used two coats.

Both creme polishes used are from Illimasqua. The minty turquoise color is Illimasqua- Nomad and the purple is Illimasqua- Jo' mina. Some of the best creme polishes out there, expensive, but well worth the pretty penny! Both were two coats, but almost one coaters.

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