Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Green Holographic Ombre

The last holographic ombre I did was using the not so holographic China Glaze holos released last year. I got some green holos in the mail recently and decided to do a green one. One of these isn't as holo as the others which kind of sucks. Another reason to put all my holos in one drawer because I totally have other greens of the shade that isn't as intense, that ARE intense like the others shown here:

Either way it still looks awesome!

Can we just take a second and die over that Jennifer Green Enchanted holo on my ring finger! Not only is it my first Enchanted that I finally managed to snag, BUT it is the most amazing Jennifer Green ever, probably my new favorite!!!

The colors from my index-pinky:

Colors by Llaroew- Gizzards & Lizards an amazing deep forest green
Nubar- Reclaim This is the not so holo one I was talking about. It is definitely holo, it just looks wimpy compared to the others!
Enchanted Polish- March 2014 AMAZING!!!
Color Club- Kismet 

All were two easy coats. Gizzards & Lizards, and Reclaim are nearly one coaters though.

Lastly, the color used for the french tips is Color Club- Beyond

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