Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Color Club + Water Marble

Like Orly, Color Club has decided to change their logos on their bottles. I am not too sure if they reformulated though. I went to my nail shop and they had this new display of all of the new Color Club collections in their new bottles. I saw a bunch of collections on Head2Toe Beauty a few weeks ago and have been searching for swatches, but nothing! Luckily they had swatches on nail wheels on the display which I am happy for because some of them were a little weird, like the Modern Mosaics...Anyways, here is the one polish I managed to get:

I must say I do like the new packaging/logo, and the cap has a nice rubber feel to it. As you can see, Color Club is also jumping on the indie like polish band wagon!

I aim to get at least one rainbow glitter in a milky white base from every brand that makes one. Just to find the best one, kind of like what I am doing with Jennifer Green polishes. This isn't my favorite rainbow polish in a milky base.... As you can see it has A LOT of purple glitters, there were like no greens either, so maybe it isn't aiming to be rainbow.

The color is Color Club- For You (Celebration Collection 2014). I used two coats. The formula was really good. I kind of had to play around with glitter placement on the first coat, but the second coat was much easier since the glitter had a base to grab onto. The one thing I did not like was that the large glitters had a little curl to them, making them snag and pop off easily :(

The colors I used for the marble going from pink-purple:
Wet n Wild- Candy-Licious (Megalast Line)
OPI- Toucan Do It If You Try (Brazil Collection Spring 2014)
OPI- I Just Can't Cope-Acabana (OPI- Brazil Collection Spring 2014)
OPI- Green-Wich Village (Mod About Brights Collection 2008)
Wet n Wild- On A Trip (Megalast Line)

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