Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nail Art Using Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge had a 50% off sale a few months ago, so of course I took advantage of that! I had one of their colors on my wishlist for a few years, but I just can't see myself paying $20 on a polish.... RBL colors are super gorgeous and have always been praised over their formulas too, and I was very impressed! I picked up three colors, and they all compliment each other very well, so I thought what the heck, let's use them all at once!

Sorry for the weird tip wear... I took these photos after wearing them for 2 days since there was no sunlight to work with, and since I work with isopropyl alcohol a lot at work, it totally shrunk the tips off! So I had to do a little touch ups...

The main green I used is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Abi (Gomm). I am a little confused by the name since the website says "Abi (gomm)" but the name on my polish box has the "(gomm)" clearly marked off. Anyways, This polish is freakin amazing!! It was nearly once coat, and went on like butter. Unfortunately the amazing shimmer you see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail much. I used two coats and this is still available!

The green I used for the half moons was added to my cart last second. It is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Turn It Around. The shimmer in the bottle shot just got me, and it totally translates to the nail! It is an army green base loaded with a copper shimmer, gorgeous. It is a little on the sheer side so I had to apply a fairly thick coat when doing the half moons. Unfortunately it looks like this color is no longer available, so I am happy I got it!

Lastly, the glitter was the one that was on my wishlist forever. It is Rescue Beauty Lounge- Locavore I love my glitters and saw Scrangie swatch it years ago and have wanted it ever since. It is a really awesome glitter, very dense, but doesn't clump up when you are working with it! It mainly consists of green, purple, and blue glitters, my top three favorite colors. This is still available as well!

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