Thursday, March 20, 2014

Emily de Molly + Glitter Gradient

It has been over a week since my last post... I have been doing my nails, just no time to edit photos and stuff. I have about three posts lined up after this, when they go up, I don't know! Finals are next week so hopefully after that I can do my nails like everyday during spring break! Here is what I did nearly a week ago:

I haven't been too inspired for interesting nail art lately... It is nice to just wear a beautiful indie by itself since it is quick and easy, but not just one boring polish on your fingers.

The main polish is Emily de Molly- Hole in the Sky. A gorgeous periwinkle shade packed with tiny holographic silver glitters, small darker periwinkle and white glitters, large white hexes, and of course the large white circles! Application was a breeze as always with Emily de Molly polishes, except the circles did require some fishing, not much though.

My ring finger has 2 coats of Essie- Bikini so Teeny. This polish is part of their permanent line now. And the glitter is Essie- Stroke of Brilliance (Luxe Effects collection 2012). I haven't done a glitter gradient in a while, so this one is not my best....

Hopefully I will have the next manicure I did after this up tomorrow! It is a good one!

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