Friday, December 13, 2013

Tape Nail Art Using A England Holographics

I will probably never enjoy doing tape manicures, but the outcome really is awesome. It just takes too much time! I don't know what made me decide to do one, I think I just wanted to use all my A England's all at once. I think this brand was one of my first indies I ever owned. I got these way back when Llarowe was small and only carried Glitter Gal, A England, and a few other brands. I died when I saw Scrangie's swatches of these, she does these polishes much more justice than I ever will.

As you can see, I have been really into color blocking lately

The colors I used on my index and pinky are Ascalon (light purple), and Tristam (dark blue). Ascalon is the only one out of all of these that isn't a one coater, but a duchrome holo polish? MINE.

The light green used on my middle and ring finger is Dragon, and the dark green is Saint George. I think Saint George is the most popular of all there shades. It is pretty much never in stock unless there is a restock. But oh my gosh, I just looked on Llarowe, and all of these colors are in stock! Go get you some!

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