Monday, December 16, 2013

Rainbow Skittles Using Only Indies

I just got two of these polishes recently and knew I was going to pair them together, but then I had a revelation and realized I haven't done a rainbow manicure using just indies. All of these paired quite nicely together:

Starting from the thumb to the pinky: Pop Culture Cosmetics- Mrs. Claus Hearts Pink (Holiday Collection 2013), Glam Polish- BA-NA-NA! (Mayhem and Madness Collection 2013), Jindie Nails- Don't Get It Citrus Twisted (Summer Chic Collection 2013), Pop Culture Cosmetics- Jellybean, and Glam Polish- Planet Purple (Intergalactic Collection 2013).

All polishes were two coats. I chose these because they all have circle glitters, but I could not get any circles on my thumb or pinky! Either way I love how they look together. I will never get sick of these glitters in a crelly base!

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