Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Long time no see...AGAIN

I really just have the same excuse for not posting, school.....I am wrapping up finals this week, then I am going to try and do as many Christmas nails as possible! I am definitely going to recreate my South park nails too! I will actually have some more time to do my nails next quarter anyways since this quarter of my program is the "lightest" one. We will see...

Anyways, here are two manicures I did a long time ago. I have more photos to edit, so the next posts won't be too Christmasy, but the ones to follow will be! I am already rocking some awesome Christmas glitters as we speak.

Nubar- Lime Green Glitter

Yes, that is actually the name. I have been eying this polish for so long, but since my nail supply always had it, I just kept putting it off. My boyfriend took me to my nail shop to go shopping for my birthday, so I took that as an opportunity to get all the polishes I have been wanting for while. This polish is so freakin amazing! It is two coats of just straight up lime green glitter. I got it to be super shiny by using Gelous base coat first, then adding my Poshe fast drying top coat. My only complaint is that it is a pain in the but to photograph. I really need to invest in a tripod so my pictures don't come out so blurry, or my camera just can't handle awesome glitters like this....

Onto the next:

Total opposite from the pictures I just showed you.

I got two of these polishes from my nail mail buddy on Instagram, and she hooked it up with the entire China Glaze Halloween collection, plus this amazing nude! The nude shade on my two middle fingers is Zoya- Kennedy (Feel Collection Winter 2011). I used two coats, seriously a flawless polish. Zoya does cremes like no other. The grey color on my index and pinky is OPI- Berlin There Done That (Germany Collection Fall 2012). Two coats of another amazing creme.

Then I added China Glaze- Boo-gie Down (Monster's Ball Collection Halloween 2013). Another indie-esque polish from a mainstream brand! They made up for that one black and white polish they released with their Cirque de Soilel Collection....This is one coat of awesome glitter bomb heaven!

That is all I have for today...I will probably edit my photos and post on Friday since that is my last final!

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