Monday, December 23, 2013

South Park Nails!

I mentioned earlier in the month that I would be recreating my South Park nails from last year. I still think this is my all time favorite, original, nail art design that I have done. I recreate a lot of designs that others have made up, but this was made up by me! There are definitely South Park nail art photos out there, but they all involve their face, I took the easy route :P I did it slightly different this year, but it is the same as last year for the most part:

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny!

Stan: He is the only boy I used different colors for this year. Last year I had only one red, and it had shimmers in it, so this year he is a little more cohesive with the others! The red is China Glaze- Adventure Red-y (On Safari Collection Fall 2012). I applied that first, and then put the blue on top which is China Glaze- Man Hunt (On Safari Collection Fall 2012). It is a true blue, but came up much darker since I layered it over the red. I used the brush from the bottle for both colors, except I used a dotting tool for his little ball on his hat.

Kyle: I applied the lighter green with the brush from the bottle which is China Glaze- Gaga For Green (Electropop Collection Spring 2012). Then using the brush from the bottle again, I applied China Glaze- Starboard (Anchors Away Collection Spring 2011) to make the darker bill of his hat.

Cartman: Using the brush from the bottle again, I used China Glaze- Flyin' High (Up and Away Collection Spring 2012) for the blue part of his hat. Then I used China Glaze- Happy Go Lucky for the yellow parts, using the brush for the bottom part of his hat, and a dotting tool for the top part.

Kenny: Also using the brush from the bottle, I used OPI- On The Same Paige (Brights Collection 2009) for the orange part of his hat. Then using a tiny nail art brush for the brown on his hat, I used OPI- A-Taupe The Space Needle (Touring America Collection Fall 2011). I only got this brown specifically for this nail art! Probably the only time I will use it...

Lastly, the main difference with this is I applied a base color! I used Color Club- Take Me To Your Chateau (Pardon My French Collection Spring 2010). I used two coats. I thought this would be a good base since it is the perfect sky blue color, and they are always outside doing something...

Hope you enjoyed these!

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