Sunday, August 18, 2013

Textured Rainbow Stripes

I haven't really been doing much nail art lately...So I did some pretty awesome free handed stripes to continue to practice getting straight lines. Textured polishes are perfect for that since they aren't runny, and are really opaque. Here's how it came out:

The colors I used starting from red to purple: China Glaze- Bump & Grind, China Glaze- Toe-tally Textured, Milani- Yellow Mark, China Glaze- In The Rough, China Glaze- Of Coarse!, and Dance Legend- Vernazza.

I started off with making the yellow stripe so I was sure I had enough room for all the colors. I used 2 coats for each color. I really like the outcome! I also put two coats of top coat on it making it super shiny. My camera couldn't handle it. Hopefully I will have some nail art coming up!

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