Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spongless Gradient Using (Mostly) Ausralian Brands

I tackled another spongless gradient using only untried polishes! The first one I did can be seen here. I am also trying to use all the lovely polishes Christine from Nails At 2am sent me in our swap. Here it is:

The yellow I used is Ulta3- Honolulu. I used 3 coats. It was a streaky mess! I guess that is why I don't have too many yellows. Then I did 3 different layers of the orange which is Loreal- Mango Mama (Miss Candy Collection 2013). It is a jelly polish from their super limited edition jelly collection from earlier this year. It was really easy to work with for what I used it for.

Lastly, to hide all the imperfections from the jelly gradient, I topped it off with Ulta3- Over The Rainbow. A perfect mix of large, medium, and small rainbow glitters. Glitter pay off was amazing, too. My only complaint about the Ulta3 polishes is the awful smell. They smell like 100x stronger then regular polishes. There must be some bad chemical in them or something.


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