Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Holographic Fish Tail French Tips

I am combining some of my favorite "techniques" into one again. I love me some french tips and holographic polishes, so I used both to do the french tip fish tail technique. I have seen these around for a while, and I am not too sure what the official name of the technique is So, I am just calling it a fishtail french tip since it is pretty much the fishtail technique, but only on the tips! Here they are:


Two of these polishes are Australian indie brands. These Aussie girls are seriously amazing. I need to go there again for a few weeks and just buy all the Australian polish!

I started off with two coats of Emily de Molly- Peer Pressure. The most awesome bubble gum pink holo ever!! Hayley, the creator makes some of the most amazing polishes, I don't know how she does it. She just released some new shades too that I am just dying to get! I luckily snagged this when Llarowe restocked with their new cart hold feature. Along with this red.

The purple is Color Club- Eternal Beauty (Halo Hues Spring 2013). This used to be my favorite holo since it was one of the first unique holo shades in my collection, and very affordable compared to most. But as long as these indie brands keep making new unique shades, I have a feeling this one will be pushed to the side :(

Lastly, the darker purple shade is Lilypad Lacquer- True Blood. I guess it is more of a blood shade. And SUPER opaque. Just ridiculous. I need to wear it on its own eventually.

Blurry shot to really show how strong the holo is...

For you Aussie ladies, you can get every Emily de Molly polish possible on her Etsy or Big cartel. for everyone else, they are available at Llarowe (always sold out), meimeisignatures, Norwaynails, and Sallymagpies

Lilypad Lacquer actually ships worldwide! You can get them on Etsy, there is seriously every color to choose from. I don't remember how much shipping was, but you can also get them on Llarowe.

And you can get Color Club from head2toebeauty

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