Monday, August 5, 2013

Banana Nail Art + Trelly Polish

TrellyPolish just came out with some new shades. They were of course stunning, so I picked up 2 of them. Here is the first I tried, and I also incorporated so nail art with it to compliment the name:

The bay area fog was lingering this morning....

This is Trelly's MISC Polish- Banana Bubblegum. It is a mixture of all shapes and sizes of pastel yellow, pink, and true yellow glitters. Every shape from circles, hexagons, and squares! It was very easy to work with, but I always have the problem of putting too much glitter on! I think that is why there are a whole bunch of tiny air bubbles....Does anyon know why that happenns?

The green base is two coats of Lime Crime- Pastelchio. The orange is two coats of Lime Crime- Peaches n Cream. And the purple is two coats of China Glaze- That's Shore Bright (Sunsational Collection Summer 2013). My favorite combo is on the purple for sure!

Lastly, the poorly executed "bananas" on my tips were made by using China Glaze- Happy Go Lucky. Once that dried, I used my trusty Orly Instant Artist- Jet Black striper for the lines. I really wanted to do a cute banana blowing a bubble gum bubble, but I knew that would have just came out worse than what I actually did!

This Trelly shade is currently out of stock, but I am sure she will restock it if there is a high demand for it!

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  1. This so so cute! I especially love the bananas even if you don't! :)