Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My First Attempt At Chevrons

Nail vinyls are all the rage right now, and I finally convinced myself to get some since I will have time to use them this summer! I got mine from NailVinyls who carry a nice variety, including simple stripe tape which I loved the idea of since regular rolls of striping tape are such a hassle to deal with! Anyways, here is what I did:

I of course chose your non traditional polish to paint over the tape...

First I applied 2 coats of the base colors, which are actually holos, but are not showing up super holo as they are :(. The dark periwinkle is Cirque- Sky Woman (Heritage Collection Summer 2014). Amazing, that is all I have to say! And the lighter periwinkle is Enchanted Polish- April 2014.

I started applying the nail vinyls in the middle of my nail so they would be pretty symmetrical, and I think that worked out well. Then I applied a fairly thick coat of KB Shimmer- She Twerks Out (Early Summer Collection 2014). An amazing textured polish, but isn't showing up really textured here.

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