Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Version of Unicorn Pee

A little over a week ago, Chalkboard Nails posted some amazing nails using the coveted Clarins 230, layered over Different Dimension- Dueling Unicorns. I will probably never get my hands on Clarins 230, I just can't see myself wasting that much money on one polish, and would not want a loved one to do that either... But I was fortunate enough to get the "dupe" of it in a swap (I actually have 2), but it really just has the same kind of effect. I was going to layer it over Dueling Unicorns to see how it compared to Clarins 230, but I decided might as well make my own version:

These were very hard to get good photos of!

I started off with two coats of Lilypad Lacquer- True Blood, which is one of my favorite holos. It is a deep deep purple, but also has some red tints to it. Then I layered one coat of Max Factor- Fantasy Fire over that, which is the more available version Clarins 230, but quickly becoming hard to find in the areas that have it.

In the bottle Clarins 230 mainly has a red base, but has that awesome sparkle that shifts to every color in the rainbow. Fantasy Fire is more of a purple base, but has that same shimmer that shifts to every color, that is why it is compared to it so much. The shimmer is extremely hard to capture, so I am going to end this with a blurry shot so you can see the sparkles more, and a side shot of my nails:

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