Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guest Post: Misshollyberries

Today's guest is one of my faves. I came across her on youtube somehow when I was looking at nail stuff. She is one of the few youtubers I watch regularly, she just has a good system goin on, and her cats are so freakin cute! Her nails are always lookin amazing, and I love the nail art she does because it is kind of similar to what I do, simple, but still challenging. She totally blew me away with what she came up with for this, and I must recreate it as soon as possible! Here is is!

First off, I have to thank Jennifer for the incredible opportunity to do a guest post on her blog! I was blown away and so honored when she asked me to write a post for her.  She is seriously a master at watermarbling and I envy how beautiful her nails are.  And I’m also somewhat jealous that she is on vacation at the moment lol. 

Since Jennifer is so good at different types of nail art, I had a mini panic attack trying to figure out what I could do that would be worthy of her blog.  I’m not great at nail art, I have no skills at water marbling, and my creativity level is practically at level 1.   But I have been playing around a lot with water spotting, and thought that maybe I could come up with some cool design with that!

For all of you who don’t know what water spotting is, it is similar to water marbling where you put polish in a cup of water and then dip your nails into it. The design on top of the water creates a really cool design on your nail.   But instead of swirling colors together to create a marble effect, you spray the surface of the water with hairspray, perfume, or spray hand sanitizer. 

This method isn’t anything that I came up with.  In fact, the first time I saw something like it was from Cute Polish on YouTube.  Since then I’ve seen other YouTuber’s make videos about it and I’ve seen other bloggers come up with cool adaptations.  The most prevalent is the Turquoise Stone Nails!

I absolutely love the stone nails, but wanted to come up with a different color combination for Jennifer so I busted out some of my favorite summer colors.

The three polishes I used were:
-          Zoya “Snow White”
-          Orly “Rage”
-          China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

How to create these nails!

Supplies you will need:
-          You polishes, base and top coats (a little obvious, but still had to say it)
-          Room temperature water
-          Tape/Vaseline (for area around your nails)
-          Sandwich bag or Saran Wrap
-          Hairspray
-          Tooth picks
-          Nail polish remover for clean up

Step 1: fill up bowl with water and let it sit out for a while, so it becomes room temperature

Step 2: paint your nails whatever base color you want.  Put a top coat on. (I used Zoya “Snow White”)

Step 3: apply tape around your fingers to make clean up easier

Step 4: using the sandwich bag or Saran wrap, dab on your second color (I used Orly “Rage”)

Step 5: its spotting time! Take the lid off the third polish and drop 3 (ish) drops into the water surface.  It’s really similar to water marbling, except you just use the same polish for the rings.  The polish will spread across the surface.

Step 6: quickly spray the perfume onto the surface of the water

Step 7: dip your nail in. And like water marbling, use the tooth pick to remove the excess polish off the surface of the water before your take your nail out.

Step 8: repeat for all 10 nails.

Step 9: take the tape off and seal the design in with a top coat!

You can do this with any colors imaginable! I’m in love with the Turquoise Stone nails myself but these are still really fun and summery!

Thank you again to Jennifer for allowing me to be a guest blogger and if any of you guys want to check out my blog, you can go here: Misshollyberries!

Holly (aka, Miss Holly Berries)


  1. I love this idea! Sounds much easier than regular old water marble (I never have much luck with that anyway)!

  2. I love this! I've tried watermarbling and it was fun, but crazy. This seems like it might be a little bit simpler.

  3. It's lovely ! Thnx for the guest post :-)