Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mosaic French Tip

I saw My Simple Little Pleasures do this a few weeks ago, and of course had to try it. I haven't done anything rainbow in a while, so I did a rainbow version!

Pretty cool, huh?

I just used creme polishes, and as you can see, I have many more greens, blues, and purples than the warmer tones. So I just did the warm tones on one finger, and did the cool tones on the last three.

Here are the colors starting with the main base color, the bottom triangle and going from top to bottom, index to pinky. Hopefully that makes sense

China Glaze- Dance Baby (Electropop Collection Spring 2012)
Lime Crime- Crema de Limon
Zoya- Wendy (Tickled Collection Summer 2014)
OPI- Where Did Suzi's Mango? (Brazil Collection Summer 2014)

Zoya- Neely (Lovely Collection Spring 2013)
Orly- Green Apple
Illamasqua- Smash
OPI- Jade is the New Black

Color Club- Take Me to Your Chateau (Pardon My French Collection Spring 2010)
Zoya- Wednesday (Beach Collection Summer 2012)
Barry M- Guava (Gelly Hi-Shine Line)
Zoya- Ling (Tickled Collection Summer 2014)

Barry M- Prickly Pear (Gelly Hi-Shine Line)
Illamasqua- Jo'mina
China Glaze- What a Pansy (City Flourish Collection Spring 2014)
Anise- Violet Falls in Love

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Simple Swatch + Watermarble

I finally watched all of Breaking Bad, and now I know why everyone was going crazy over it. So when I saw this polish from Dollish Polish's Fandom Part Deux Collection, I knew I had to have it! It also helps that it is a nice polish as well

Dollish Polish- I Am The One Who Knocks

This polish is a white crelly base with bright blue tiny matte micro glitters, along with darker blue medium matte hex glitters. I used two coats here, but probably should have done 3, or at least done two coats over a white base. All in all I really love this polish!

The colors I used for the water marble:
Wet n Wild- White Creme
Zoya- Ling (Tickled Collection Summer 2014)
China Glaze- Man Hunt (On Safari Collection Fall 2012)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Nail Art Using MORE Glam Polish!

I wasn't kidding when I said I have been on a big Glam Polish kick. I don't know how to describe these, but I basically used the technique I would do with half moons, except I used a single chevron nail vinyl.

Unfortunately, it is not as noticeable on my middle fingers....

I applied two coats of the holographic polishes first. The green is Glam Polish- ZAP! (Knockout Collection 2015), and the gold is Mod Lacquer- UFO Cover-Up (Above Top Secret Collection 2014).

I applied a fast drying top coat, placed the chevron stickers, and applied a thick coat of the polish on top. The green is Glam Polish- Somewhere that's Green (Broadway Collection 2014). I freakin love this polish!!! It is so gorgeous, another one of those polishes I could not stop staring at. It is another one of those polishes that has a colored base with loads of holographic shimmer and glitters in it. You need all those polishes in your life! The gold is Glam Polish- You and Me (But Mostly Me) (Broadway Collection 2014). This is another one of those awesome polishes too, but I feel like the colored base is more intense in this one than the holographic shimmers. I mainly got this polish because I need more golds in my collection,

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Simple Swatch: More Glam Polish

Here are some simple swatches of two more of Glam Polish's Knockout collection.

Gorgeous as always.

The blue is CRASH!. It is an interesting shade, it is almost a mix of a true blue with a little bit of periwinkle. It is like the other glitters from this collection, holographic glitter with holographic shimmer in it, making for a gorgoues finish polish. My only complaint about this polish is it stains like no other! So double up those base coats

The purple is KA-BOOM!. It is just your standard purple linear holographic. Formula was lovely of course.

I used two coats for both polishes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Glam Polish Halfmoons

Glam Polish is one of those indies that came about like 2 years ago and just blew everyone's minds. They still continue to do that with these amazing collections they release like every month, easily making them one of my top favorite indies. When I wore these two polishes together, I literally could NOT stop staring at my nails. Glam Polish, keep em coming!

See what I mean?

I am not the biggest pink fan, but I can be a sucker for a gorgeous baby pink. Add some holographic shimmer and glitter into it and I am sold! These are both from the Knockout collection, which I couldn't help but buy the entire collection.

I started off with two coats of POW! which is the baby pink. Formula was a dream to work with of course. I applied a fast drying top coat before adding my half moon stickers, then applied a thickish coat of BANG!. I think these two polishes compliment each other very well and can not wait to wear them again, if that ever happens....

My ring finger is KB Shimmer- Turnip the Beat which is a textured polish. I applied a top coat to it which I think is the first time I have ever done that with a textured polish. I know the textured craze is kind of over, but I still love them as an accent nail!

Here is a blurry shot to really show the sparkle and shine!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Simple Swatch + Water marble

Long time no blog! Who reads this anyways? I was honestly thinking about quitting blogging and just uploading on instagram, tumblr and pinterest, but I changed my mind. I have the same excuse as always as to why I have been absent, school. This quarter kicked my butt, and next quarter probably will as well, but I graduate in June! So hopefully that will give me more time to do nails. I have been doing nails and taking pictures of most, but editing photos just takes so much freakin time.

Anyways, here is a lovely polish I wore about 2 months ago along with a water marble:

The glitter is Picture Polish- Unicorn which is one of their collaboration shades with British blogger, Birt Nails. I don't have many Picture Polish shades due to their expensive price tag when you only get 0.37 fluid ounces, but this shade just screamed "buy me!". It is a turquoise base with loads of silver shimmer and packed with medium sized pink and silver glitters. The formula was amazing, I believe I used two coats.

For the water marble I used:
Wet n Wild- Candylicious (pink)
China Glaze- For Audrey (light blue)
Essie- Naughty Nautical (dark blue)

All worked well aside from me getting air bubbles as usual!

Stay tuned for more nails!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flakie Jelly Sandwich

I saw Amy from Mcpolish do this a while ago and of course had to try it. I then followed with what she has said time and time again, "Matte All the Flakies!".

Isn't it amazing? I couldn't stop staring at them when I wore it!

I started off with one thick coat of OPI- Ski Teal We Drop.

Then I used two coats of Polish Me Silly- Flakey Fun which is part of their flakie multichrome collection. I probably could have just done one coat, but I feel the flakies wouldn't have been as strong with the jelly on top.

The jelly I used on top is China Glaze- Ride The Waves (Summer Neons Collection 2012). Probably the most well loved jelly from China Glaze. I applied a thinnish coat just to be sure the flakies didn't get devoured.

The holographic on my ring finger is Cirque- Trocadero (Burlesque Collection Fall 2014). I used two easy coats, this polish was flawless like every other Cirque polish.

Lastly, I applied Essie- Matte About You for that awesome matte effect!

Here is one last photo:

You can get this Polish Me Silly on Etsy along with tons of other great polishes!