Monday, December 15, 2014

Festive Half Moons

Today is officially my first day of my last winter break that I will ever have! I will be out of school for about three weeks, so I will try and do as much nail related stuff as possible! Here are some half moons using some new polishes released for fall:

It has been quite rainy here in Northern California (surprisingly), and this weekend was supposed to be dry and sunny, so I of course wore some holos!

These are holos are both from the Cirque Burlesque Collection released for fall this year. I snagged these during her Black Friday Sale, which I believe was 20% off.... I am trying to do as many festive themed nails as possible, and I think these work well.

The gold/olive green is Cirque- Harlow. I used two coats, although you could easily get one coat if your nails are really short. I top coated that, placed my half moon stickers, and applied a thickish coat of Cirque- Josephine, which is a beautiful deep forest green! I have a lot of holos now, so when I see one in a shade I don't have, I kind of freak out, which is what I kind of did with this whole collection. Although I only got three of the four released.You definitely need these, they are super high quality, come in beautiful packaging, and the formulas are like butter, just like all the other Cirque colors I have tried.

Lastly, the textured polish on my ring finger is Zoya- Chita (Pixiedust Collection Fall 2013). One of the best Pixiedusts out there in my opinion! It is pretty much one coat, even with my nails at this longer length, but I went ahead and did two coats.

Stay tuned for more festive nails

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