Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer's Halloween 2014 Polishes

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I have gotten a few indie Halloween polishes this year, including the entire set of 4 that Ooh La Lacquer released. I died over the green since I don't have any holo like it, but I also don't have a grey like the one she released, so I just got the whole thing! The collection is Ghostbuster's theme, so I can't appreciate the names as someone who has seen the movie would....

Anyways, here are 3 of the 4 from Ooh La Lacquer's Ghostbuster's collection. Of course I didn't wear the one I wanted the most...

Just a simple glitter gradient

The purple is Ectoplasmic Residue, and the grey is I ain't Fraid of no Ghost. Both were two coats, and flawless formulas. The purple was nearly a one coater. These are some of the more opaque holographic polishes that I have tried from this brand.

The glitter is Eeek! It is a very finely milled glitter, it would take tons of coats to become opaque. It mainly consists of fine deep purple microglitters, and slightly larger metallic green glitters. Very appropriate for Hallowen.

I took these photos right before it was going to start raining, so the sunlight wasn't quite in my favor. So, the polishes don't look as holo as they are in real life. They also have a lot of fine shimmer in them which tend to take away the holo affect as well. I got a slightly blurry shot to show more of the holo and shimmer in the base colors, and more sparkle in the glitters:

You can get the entire set on her Etsy for $35, which is a few dollars cheaper if you were to get all of of them individually.

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