Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Themed Drip Manicure

I have only done a few Halloween themed nails this year, and they are all purple and green themed for some reason. These are pretty simple, just an indie polish, topped with drip tips:

I loooove this polish!

The polish on bottom is Glam Polish- Frankenslime 2014. It is a re-release from last year, but I believe it is a different formulation and slightly different in colors. I am not too sure, around this time last year Glam Polishes were fairly hard to get for us American's. This is a slightly holo green base, with tiny matte green and purple glitters sprinkled in. I love it!

Then I just did the drips using a dotting tool, and the color is OPI- Do You Have This Color in Stockholm? (OPI Nordic Collection Fall 2014). It looks a little darker in these pictures than it does in person, but all in all fairly easy to work with.

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