Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Floss Gloss Skittles

Floss Gloss was having a 20% off sale for Valentine's day, so I thought that was an excuse to get some, especially their newest shade they just released!

Probably the hardest bottles to hold...

The purple is their newest shade, and it is Floss Gloss- Lean. Such a beautiful purple! And amazing formula too. I used two coats on my index finger. The pale blue used as the base color for the half moons and smaller dots on my index finger is Floss Gloss- Moon Baby. The formula on this one was a little runny, but still good opacity, I used two coats. Lastly the bright blue on my pinky and the second color used for the half moon is Floss Gloss- Wavepool. OH MY GOSH! This polish is so beautiful, and the color saturation is to die for. It is pretty much a neon, and glided on like butter. You can get away with pretty much 1 coat if you have smaller nail beds, but I used to coats.

The textured polish used on my ring finger is Dance Legend- Vernazza. I used two coats as well.

You can get this Dance Legend polish along with their other textured polishes on Llarowe. And you can get Floss Gloss on their website and also various boutiques in the SF area.

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