Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zoya Dupe Alerts!

Sorry these are just pictures of bottles, but I thought this would help some people get their hands on some pretty sought after polishes, and they are cheaper than the originals!

I went into DSW with my mom so she could get some shoes, which meant she would probably get me a pair as well :). I pretty much hate shoe shopping since I am plain and would be content wearing converse and vans the rest of my life. But I love going to DSW since they have Anise nail polish! This is the only place I have seen these polishes available for purchase. I don't even think you can buy from their website...

Here is the first Zoya dupe I got a while ago now:

Zoya- Zuza (Surf Collection Summer 2012)
Anise- Sea Siren

Pretty much the same color in the bottles

Here are the other two I got yesterday, one I own the Zoya to compare next to, but the other I don't.

Zoya- Aurora (Ornate Collection Winter 2012)
Anise- Be Worldly

Again, pretty much spot on in the bottle, the Anise one might be just slightly darker

Lastly here is Anise- Cosmic Forces which  looks a lot like Zoya- Blaze (Ornate Collection Winter 2012). I guess this is the only one I "needed" since I don't own the Zoya one.

Go to DSW and get you these polishes if you missed out on them! They were buy one get one 50% off yesterday, so who knows how long that will be going on. They are $6 compared to a 9$ Zoya. The Zuza dupe was also there! Hopefully one day  I will wear these together to really see how they compare.


  1. Anise also has a great dupe for OPI Warm and Fozzie!

    1. I have to check that out..They also have one for Orly's Rage, but I don't have the Orly to compare it to

  2. I didn't know they sold nail polish at DSW! These look great, so I might have to go check it out. ;)

    1. yes they are really good polishes! they are usually by the cash registers