Sunday, September 8, 2013


I really love the textured trend, but I still don't understand why the flaky trend didn't stick around for very long! Here is one of my prized possessions in polish, mainly because these were really hard to find, but I got lucky and the girl at Sally's let me get some before they released! Probably the only time I have gotten good customer service at that place. Here it is:

These are all taken in the shade since the sunlight pretty much washes the flakies out.

I started out with two coats of Orly- Fowl Play (Birds of a Feather Collection Fall 2011). It is a really dark purple base, with a lot of tiny flakies in it, and primarily red to blue flakies. It is so amazing! It was limited edition, but made permanent! I don't know if it is still permanent since they changed their packaging. It is a must have.

Then I topped it off with Finger Paints- Twisted (Special Effects Collection Spring 2011). This was the one that had all colors of the rainbow in it! It is seriously perfection in a bottle.

Here are some more pictures:

If you have flaky polishes, don't forget to add a matte top coat! It always looks amazing, pretty much the only way I ever wear matte top coats. Although I didn't wear one on these...Enjoy!


  1. That looks freaking amazing. I LOVE flakies.

  2. oh my word, this polish is gorgeous!! its like autumn in a bottle!! :) xx