Monday, July 29, 2013

Simple Swatch: Smudged Nails!

I am especially excited for today's simple swatch since the maker is a fellow blogger friend of mine. She was also one of the first bloggers to start commenting and following my blog, so she of course has a special place in my heart :). Especially since she is from Australia and she made a special order for me all the way in the states! Check out Sylvie's Etsy, she just added some new shades! She also has a blog, too! She is the queen on gradients. Here is the first of the 4 that I have:



Smudged- Catnip

Of course I chose catnip! I am not a crazy cat lady or anything... Plus it is an amazing green color, I have no green in my collection quite like this shade. It is jam packed with small white hexagonal glitters, and purple SQUARES. It also has the large purple flowers which require fishing, but it isn't that hard to get at least on on the brush. I used 2 coats here.

Sylvie really outdid herself, especially considering this is her first batch of handmade polishes! If I were to make one polish, I have always imagined it would look like this...I AM IN LOVE!

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