Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Simple Swatch: Coated In Polish

I'm back! It felt so good to paint my nails after having nail stickers on for 2 weeks. I have pictures of the stickers, but I emptied my memory card through out our trip on my boyfriends computer, so I don't have them right now. So, when I get those I will post them, but you can see a shot on my instagram.

I got another nail mail yesterday, and it was just ridiculous! We decided to get only indies, and she got me 30 freakin polishes! It was so hard to choose which one to wear first, but I finally made a decision, here it is:

Coated in Polish- Polishocracy

Greys are one of my favorite colors to wear, and this is like America in a bottle. It has all shapes and sizes of red, white, blue, and black glitters, all in a sheer grey jelly base. It is so sheer I decided to start off with one coat of China Glaze- Pelican Grey. All in all the formula was nice. I felt I had to shake the bottle before each application to get a good amount of glitter on it though, but the glitter spread out evenly on the nail!

I also topped it off with Justricarda's new Glossy Glam quick dry, super shiny top coat. This was also in my nailmail package. I am quite impressed and thankful since I am getting pretty low on top coats!

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