Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gold and Magenta Skittle

I am not the best at describing color names, but I would say these colors are pretty close to magenta...This is just a simple skittle using some new polishes for Winter:

The polish that isn't really new is the gold on my middle and ring finger which is Mod Lacquer- UFO Cover-Up (Above Top Secret Collection 2014). I used two coats for both fingers, then applied a fast drying top coat. Then using binder paper reinforcement stickers and Nail Vinyls, I placed them on the nail where I wanted, and painted one thick coat of Enchanted Polish- September 2014.

The awesome glitters/textured polishes on my index and pinky finger are both from KB Shimmer's Winter 2014 collection. The magenta is Turnip The Beet and the gold is Dressed To Gild. Both were really easy to work with. Dressed to Gild was slightly thicker and super glitter dense, but they were both two coats.

Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving Day nails! They are gonna pretty awesome.

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