Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Luxurious Glitter Gradient

I am calling this luxurious because of the price tag on these two polishes! They are both at the limit of how much I would pay for a polish, and well, I bought them! I don't spend this much money on one polish often AT ALL. I am that girl always waiting for a sale or good deal...

You are probably thinking, hmm, that just looks like an OPI, but it isn't just ANY OPI....

This gorgeous green is the beloved OPI- Damone Roberts 1968. I knew this shade existed before, but had no desire to hunt it down since it was so hard to find and probably ridiculously over priced. It was originally released in 2009, and was only retailing for $9.00, which is normal for an OPI, now. But it was re-released earlier this summer, and is selling for a whopping $20.00.

I honestly had no idea who Damone Roberts was, but apparently he is a fabulous eye brow expert based in Beverly Hills. The color is meant to match the color of his iconic salon walls, and I must say OPI did a great color match!

I really don't have any green like it, and that is saying a lot since green is my main color I swoon over. The only color I could think of that it was closest to in my collection is OPI- Mermaid Tears, but it isn't even close. All Lacquered Up has some great comparisons. I also got all my info about the basis behind this polish from her as well.

Okay, onto the actual formula. Flawless like most OPI cremes. I had a few streaks on the first coat, but the second coat covered those up, and it also dries super shiny! Definitely worth the money if you are a polish hoarder like myself. There are still some available! You can get it here.

The glitter I used is also a super fancy one from Rescue Beauty Lounge in the shade Locavore. I snagged this when she had her 50% off sale last year since I can't see myself spending that much... Sure, they are gorgeous, but why not wait until they are on sale? Anyways, this glitter is perfect for gradients. I have yet to wear it on its own, but you can definitely wear it alone. I think it goes perfect with Damone Roberts, definitely one of my favorite pairings in a while.

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